Reconstruction to Recovery: Sparks Podiatric Surgeon Puts Old Friend Back on Track

This is a guest blog about an amazing patient success story.  From a serious, potentially crippling injury to running a 5K, Misty Hile has made an inspirational recovery.  

On a dark road in the middle of Fort Smith, a life changed in a matter of seconds. In November of 2010, Misty Hile was driving home from her sister’s house when she was faced, head on with a speeding car.   The car crossed the center line and crashed into her vehicle.   All she could think of was “brace yourself” before the air bag deployed.  Hile was awake after the crash, but her foot was badly injured.  She was pinned inside the car anxiously awaiting rescue.  Once paramedics and first responders got her out, Hile told them “take me to Sparks.”  Little did she know, a familiar face would be at Sparks Regional Medical Center, with exactly the specialized training her injury required. 

Dr. Jason Seiter, Board Certified Podiatric Surgeon, Foot and Ankle Surgeon, responded to the emergency call and arrived at Sparks to find Hile, who he knew briefly while attending Subiaco Academy.   Hile was immediately relieved to see her old friend Dr. Seiter, but the relief quickly turned to realization of the severity of her injury.  “To see his face in that moment was very surreal,” said Hile.  “I remember asking Dr. Seiter, when can I go to work? I like to dance, when can I do that? Dr. Seiter was honest with me, and said we are going to take you to surgery and if you still have a foot, we’ll talk about it.  That’s when I knew the injury was much worse than I realized,” said Hile.  Dr. Seiter took the time to explain the injury to Hile, which is known as a Lisfranc Fracture.  According to Dr. Seiter, a Lisfranc Fracture is a severe and debilitating foot injury.  In Hile’s case, it was critical medical emergency because the bone pinched against the artery blocking blood flow to the foot causing it to turn blue. Due to the severity of the injury, she could have lost her limb.  Because of Dr. Seiter’s specialized training in foot and ankle reconstructive surgery, he was equipped to take on the complexity of her injury.

Dr. Seiter performed emergency surgery on Hile’s foot to regain blood flow and stabilize the fracture temporally with pins, and during a second surgery placed half a dozen screws to rebuild her foot.  “I was so impressed when I woke up from my first surgery.  Dr. Seiter not only had my foot wrapped perfectly, but he actually wrote on the bandage so nobody would accidently undress my foot,” said Hile.  After the second surgery, Hile remained in a wheelchair for many months. Dr. Seiter sent Hile to physical therapy at Sparks in hopes she would be able to walk again.  “Dr. Seiter was amazing.  He would give me goals to meet,” Hile added about her recovery. 

 Today, Hile is not only walking but running.  In May of this year, she ran a 5K race.  “The fact that she was able to recover shows self-determination and strong spirit,” said Dr. Seiter.  The surgical case was reviewed and approved by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery as part of Dr. Seiter’s Board Certification in Foot Surgery, as the case represents the quality skills of the surgeon.  In many cases, this type of trauma is sent out of Fort Smith, according to Dr. Seiter.  “This case is a representation of the Trauma we can take care of at Sparks,” said Dr. Seiter.

As for Hile, she plans to run several upcoming 5K races including the Paint Downtown Pink 5K Race coming up this fall. 

Jason Seiter, DPM, FACFAS practices at Sparks Foot & Ankle Center located at 1500 Dodson Avenue, Suite 290.  For more information or to make an appointment, call 479-573-7905 or visit

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